Club Penguin Fan Universe
Squirt image
Cool Dude!
Vital statistics
Title Crush's son
Gender Male
Race Sea Turtle
Faction Good
Health Brilliant
Level 45
Status Duuuuuude
Location With Crush

Squirt is Crush's son and is the next in line to be the mayor of Turtle Island.


Squirt came to Turtle island with his dad, Crush, a while ago. Squirt was at first a bit shy at Turtle School but soon he was the most popular sea turtle in class. He practices surfing with Cody Maverick, which is unusual since Crush is not very fond of surfing due to an accident with a ship years ago. Squirt often talks in surfer-jargon. Due to this, some people have trouble understanding him.


  • Squirt is the leader of a surfer team called the Little Rippers that he started in school. So far, seven other turtles have joined.


Squirt is teaching Kwiksilver how to surf. Squirt: Okay, you have to crank a hard cutback as the foam washes, then do a hard left and rip it, roll it, and punch it.

Kwiksilver: Look, you're really cute, but I don't understand what you're saying.

Cody Maverick: He is saying you need to stop when the wave is here, get on it, ride it, then do a trick to end it.

Kwiksilver: It sounded much easier when you said it. SQUIRT! SPEAK ENGLISH!

Squirt: You gotta hang loose man! Catch ya on the flip side dude.

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