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Territory of Square Islands
Square Islands
MottoPositive thoughts are the half of the success.
Location of Sq
Two square islands.
(and )
Happen Town
Official languages W00t!
Species  Penguins, Wild Puffles.
Demonym Warmslatetian (part of the DRW)
 -  Governor of Sq. Isles. Berghaton Quickvill
Warmslates Territory Colonised by Warmslate penguins. 
 -  Colonisation. 1996 
 -  New capital - Happen Town 1999 
 -  Water (%) 79%
 -  2009 estimate 30050 
 -  2011 census 40000 
 -  Density 22/km2 
57/sq mi
Currency Warmslates Dollar $ (W$)
Drives on the Right
Calling code See Warmslates

The Square Islands are two erie islands, located north from eastern Eastshield. They belong to the Warmslates Free Republic, and they are quite popular. The bigger one - Cutter Island, due to its' straight coastline, which is very unusual for an island. The smaller one - South Island is a holiday island with sunny beaches, great views and on the southern side large cliffs. The Cutter Island is also a popular destination for tourists, who want to see it from the sky, so pilots earn lots of money (W$) here. Other notable fact about the Cutter Island is that it is flat. They are just like Free Republics of the DWR, so Penguiki is still the biggest city in the Warmslates


The island was noticed by some explorers from the DWR around 1996. They first noticed the Cutter Island, as it was quite large, flat, and in a square-like shape, except the Cutoff Bay. The other island was noticed later, and the conditions to live were actually the same. It was named as South Island (Warmslates). The territory of current Square Island was named Western Penguiki. After lots of research, itd, but there was no such a machine to carry islands. G, as the leader of the project told, it cannot be done, because the South Island is too big. So it is left in the same state, as it was, and penguins have a normal life there. In 2000, Western Penguiki colony changed into a territory status.


The islands can be compared to the USA's Free Republics, but it is a little bit different. Square Islands are a part of Warmslates, and they have a representative in the Warmslate Council (actually two of them - from two islands). They can have their own culture, and they self-govern, with Warmslates controlling it. Law is a bit different here. An example for a thing, which is dependent - is the address. For example: Main Street 1, Happen Town, Sq Islands, Warmslates. If you add Warmslates in the end, it will not be mistaken (this is really strange, because how many square islands are in the USA?).


It is a territory, so formally not a district of Warmslates. The islands doesn't have a large population. It is generally the same, as not many penguins immigrate here, or go away. The town since 10:00 until 15:00 is really lazy, with no traffic. Most of the population lives in the capital - Happen Town, and on its' outskirts. Civilisation didn't come into some places here. Information about crimes here, outside Happen is unknown. Until 2014, the island will be colonised in full, and it will be fully controlled.

Cities and Towns[]

  • Happen Town - The capital of Square Islands. Also the biggest city.
  • Bordeau - Famous about flower plantations.
  • Middle - The second-biggest city, located on South Island.