Club Penguin Fan Universe
Conservation Status
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animal
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Birdia
Infraclass: ???
Order: Penguinilia
Genus: Adeliea
Species: Adelie Penguin
Subspecies: Spellguin

I don't know, something extinct?

The Spellguin (Adeliea Spellguina) is an extinct species of penguin, that prior to deletion of the entire species was a special Mwa Mwa related penguin that could spell EXTREMELY well, without a SINGLE typo. EVER. If you thought you were the best speller in Antarctica, YOU WERE WRONG (Until the day they got extinct)!!!

Discovery of the Spellguin[]

Spellguins were discovered in 2007 when an ordinary Mwa Mwa Penguin crawled into Xary's lab. Very curious, she then spilled a potion containing a certain ingredient of Nummy Cake that improves spelling. When she spilled it, she was OBSESSED with it. Thus the Spellguin was born. However since none are left in the world and Xary forgot the ingredient that turns Mwa Mwa penguins into Spellguins, Spellguins will never and can't exist again, unless someone could retrieve them from the CyberVoid. Of course Spellguins were discovered by Xary, and he IMMEDIATELY thought of a name: Spellguins, as none could out-spell these annoying- yet amazing spellers.

What Spellguins were like[]

Spellguins, after being turned into them, usually had a very high ego, resulting in the fact 1/8th of the Spellguin population was seriously injured by Flywish. Obviously they can spell VERY well, and are normally very spoiled, sometimes so much that after a period of time they lost their spelling abilities. But were still spoiled. Sometimes other side effects occurred, like becoming taller, teething, and aging into normal penguins. Only about 5% of Spellguins ever experienced these reactions , and only 5% of THAT immediately grew up.

The Spellguin race gets deleted[]

Before their whole race was deleted, they lived on Spellguin Isle, but that got deleted too. On August 5th, 2008, every Spellguin in Antarctica was invited to an enormous party on Spellguin Isle. However, an enormous tank of Deletion Flux crystals were sent to Pengolia for some odd reason via air, and it happened to pass directly over Spellguin Isle when a supernatural atmospheric disturbance broke off the wings of the plane. The plane driver said: HOLD ON! WE'RE GOING DOWN! OUTTA THE BLUE WE DROP! Then, suddenly, out of the blue, the plane crashed directly in the center of Spellguin Isle, releasing millions of deletion flux crystals all over, thus accidentaly deleting all spellguins ever to walk the snow. The pilots miraculously escaped as the island was sucked into a wormhole and all evidence of it happening disappeared..all except for the document the pilots wrote about the scene. Otherwise nobody would've known. But meh. Mwa Mwa penguins are Mwa Mwa penguins, no matter how good they spell, so everyone threw a big party that thousands of Mwa Mwa penguins were gone.