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Speeddasher X
Speeddasher X image
He's not really as scary as he looks.
Vital statistics
Title Speeddasher's X-antibody
Gender Male
Race X-Antibody
Faction Destroyed
Health Destroyed
Level X-Antibody
Status Destroyed
Location Destroyed

Speeddasher X is the X-Antibody of Speeddasher. Unlike Kwiksilver X he's not really evil, but prefers to dress in a way that scares Penguins. He was the first X-Antibody to be destroyed.


Like many of the penguins in the USA, Speeddasher caught the X-Virus. He didn't know he had it though, so he simply thought that it was a very bad case of the cold. Not knowing of what he had, he simply stayed in bed with Blizzard taking care of him. A few days later however the penguin.

That night when he was fast asleep, he mysteriously woke up. As he walked out of bed to get a drink of water he looked into a mirror only to see a huge red X on his forehead. If it weren’t for that he all of a sudden felt like he couldn't move, Speed would've called a Doctor. Then the X started glowing and the Ninja sneezed out a Ditto like substance. The X disappeared, and he stepped back as the liquid formed a figure who resembled a Dark Penguin but bore a huge red X on his forehead like the one Speed use to have. Then the creature spoke.

"Hi there penguin. How are you doing? "

Speed looked curiously at the penguin and noticed that he looked nearly identical to him. Then all of a sudden his clone started running around his house and breaking his stuff. Speed kept trying to catch as much stuff as possible, but he couldn't keep up. Just then, the clone started throwing things, including the picture he had of Harold Aye-Que and his granddaughter. Speed tried to catch it, but it fell into the fire and burned. The anti-body then sat down and asked for food, but Speeddasher was now furious. He grabbed the clone by the cape, and tossed him out of his igloo. Speeddasher X was sad, but eventually he earned enough coins to move to Shiverpool.

He has worked for Nightmare as he thought wraith was not evil and wanted to help him. He was destroyed in an attempt to ambush Star Kirby12, Richperson and Rico in Final X Showdown/Chapter 3.


Speeddasher X Clansman

Speeddasher X in his MMK Uniform

Speeddasher X currently resides in the small town of Shiverpool (the birthplace of Cody Maverick). He's actually well liked there and even owns a small Coffee Shop. His favorite food is Spaghetti, and he eats it almost every day.

He's also a member of Mabel Mongrel Klan, and proud of it. Speeddasher however finds it very humiliating that his antibody is a fan of Mabel.


  • He's not really evil, but is easy to trick so often he causes trouble.

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