Club Penguin Fan Universe
Speed Propelling All Purpose Lightspeed Penguin Boots
The boots.
Vital statistics
Type Shoes
Effects High speed running, anti-gravity jumping
Source Metalmanager
Location Metalmanager's igloo, Tails6000's feet.
Cost to buy Not for sale
Cost to sell Not for sale (except to Tails)

Speed Propelling All Purpose Lightspeed Penguin Boots (or simply Lightspeed Boots) are a pair of shoes made for penguins to reach near impossible speeds. They are controlled by small amplifiers on the bottom, which raise them above the air, and two at the back of the heel, meaning they can just run normally to go over 9000 MPH as its lowest speed.


Invented by Metalmanager for Tails6000, they can reach almost up to the Speed of Light and get higher than the skyline. They are yellow and black shoes with two grey tubes at the sides to send out small rockets for super speeds. These rockets can also be used as an attack, if turned the other way.


  • There are only two pairs in the world, one pair owned by Metalmanager and the other, owned by Tails6000.
  • They are bulletproof, but not waterproof, as rain can slow down speed due to impact.
  • These are parodies of the Rocket Shoes from "Sonic Chaos" and "Sonic: Triple Trouble".

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