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Special Suites Tower
This is Special Suites Tower, with the bottom the olden half.
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Vital statistics
Type Accodamation
Level Any
Location Dessert Town Center, Dessert Island. Beside Dessert Hotel
Inhabitants Tourists and lots of penguins

Special Suites Tower is an extension tower, which used to be an abandoned tower used for dessert shipments (Dessert Penguins Shipping). It only covers the eight, ninth and tenth floor. The first floor doors lead to an old empty reception.


The old tower, used by Dessert Penguin Shipping, has been moved to another location, somewhere near Chocolate Waterfall. So, the tower became old and not as bright. When the hotel which can serve up to 250 tourists need more room for 50 more tourists who need suites, they build a type of "path" which lead to the other building and converted the top three floors into suites. Hence, the hotel came about.


The 8th, 9th and top floor has been coverted into an extension for Dessert Hotel. So, the building has been renamed into Special Suites Tower. The reception was very dirty, and a lift which links other floors toghether has all except the top three buttons taped with masking tape. On 21st November 2007, the 4th floor collapsed and broke bown to the third floor. The other floors remain safe. Due to that, some penguins fixed the 4th and 3rd floor. It was due to old age. However, this does not happen to buildings which are old, even if they are older or has no people in it as this building was actually due to wrong materials. The forth floor then became a fighting floor for penguins to fight bad crabs. They could only access by using the special lift button they opened for the 4th floor. The other floors remained empty, except for the first where it was partially a small convention enter for three days and then emptied.


Same as the Dessert Hotel

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