Club Penguin Fan Universe

Special Assignment Team
Vital statistics
Name Special Assignment Team
Type Elitists
Location Normally at SATHQ for briefings
Head Indytig10
Job Doing operations.
Members Indytig10
HQ A secret location in Trans-Antarctica

The Special Assignment Team (SAT) is an elite group of PSA agents that specialize in spying, capturing villains who get powers from, and operations that are too dangerous for the EPF to go alone. They have a unique utility belt, named the SAT Utility Belt. The SATUB contains a grapple gun, Snowball Gun, an Instant Translator, (Which works better than the translator that EPF agents have because you don't have to decode it yourself) a pocket for holding items, another pocket that gaming headphones used to contact other SAT members and SATHQ personnel, and a Swiss Army Gun, which can be used as almost anything. It can also launch Nummy Cakes, a strange addition.