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Space Colony Aircraft
Aye Que's greatest invention...
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Vital statistics
Type Space Station
Level 20
Location Somewhere in space
Inhabitants Formerly: Speeddasher Harold Aye Que, his Granddaughter, and Willy the Penguin

The Space Colony Aircraft is a huge base suspended in outer space. It was built by Harold Aye-Que. Although it is still in space, it is beat up and old, for it had been built over 90 years ago.


The Space Colony Aircraft was construced by Harold Aye-Que near the end of the High Penguin Confederacy. It was supposed to be only for research purposes at first, but eventually it became the home of him, his grandaughter, and many other Penguins and Puffles. Many took refuge here to escape the Khanzem Militia who had destroyed most of their homes. Every year a rocket would come land in an open field that was prepared to take more citizens to the aircraft. All were welcome, but only a few could come at a time. Eventually though Khanzem started to fear the projects that were being created there, and Whoot snuck onto the rocket with some of his men and headed towards that aircraft. When they arrived they took off their costumes and began to attack. Many penguins and puffles died that day, including Harold's grandaughter. Enraged, Harold went insane fo a period of timeand attempted to crash the Aircraft into Antarctica and erradidcate everything that lived their. First however he programmed his expiriments like Speeddasher and Bioliz to cause the forces of Khanzem much pain and torture and sent them out. For over a year the expiriments caused Khanzem a whole lot of trouble. Speeddasher almost came close to killing Whoot. They would've kept destroying Khanzem if it hadn't have been that Harold had changed his mind. Bioliz was sent into the Dorkugese Jungle and Speeddasher was put in a stasis tube. Harold was then arrested and the Aircraft was basically forgotten.

Years later though when Doctor Aye-Que got Speeddasher out of stasis mode, he went up to the Aircraft in an attempt to use the Deletion Canon to take over Antarctica. His plan failed though and the Aircraft was left alone for along time once again.


Formerly Speeddasher, Harold Aye Que, his Granddaughter, General Puff, Willy the Penguin. (Willy was rescued byTails6000)


  • Harold Aye Que built it.
  • Speeddasher was created here.
  • -G has never been here.

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