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Sp00nzoid image
These are Sp00nzoid's Spoons.
Vital statistics
Title sP00nZZ!!!1!!!1111!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!1!!!!111!!!
Gender Male
Race Unknown
Faction I obbsessed with spoons.
Health Mentally Insane
Level =={O} <------(That is a SPOON)
Status Unknown
Location Unknown

One of the most idiotic members of the Force, Sp00nzoid thinks that four oddly painted guitars are giant spoons. He uses them to eat tapiocha pudding, thus draining the guitars of any power they had. He also stole all four, and now uses them to hit good penguins on the head, similar to the way Explorer whacks bad penguins owith shovels.


I Sp00NZO|D, dA KINg of dA TApi0ca! GAZ3 UPon MY sp00NZ & TR3MBL3!! I whacK U WIF mY Sp00nZ IF U go N3AR DA Captain Str00del!!Z! LOLZ!!!!11!!11!1!!1!

Sp00nzoid image

L00k At dese GIANT sp00NZ!!! LOLZ Th3y dah BIGG3ST SPPONZ 3VER!! i eAT da TapiOC4 PUddiNG wif des giant SPo0nz!! LOLZ!! BIG SPOONZ!!

_ d|D U see da GIant SPo0nZ! Big HUGE COLURFULL sP0onZZ!! LOL LOL LOLZZZ!!! LOLZ!!!11!1!!! There MIn3!! AND DA CAPTAIN'Z and DA MisTER BEAN!

I a M3MBER of DAH Str00d3l F0rC3! THe Captain he'Z a gh0sT and WIll Eat Yur Waffl3z!!! hE G0 th0ugH DA wallz and Ra|D your R3FrigEraT0RZ!!! I A MEMBER OF DA Forc3!!! i H3lp da CAptaIn wif da SPam wif da Wik33!


DESE Sp00nz R dA s0l3 PrPERTEE 0f Da ALMiGHTY misTER B3AN!!!!!

I l0vE Sp00nZ!


Sp00nzoid is part of the Str00del Force, though he is rather phreaky and randomly shouts out nonsense, most of it involving his "sp00nz", as he calls them.


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