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South Island
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South Island (Warmslates) map
Map of South Island
Vital statistics
Type Island
Level 150
Location Square Islands, south of Cutter Island
Inhabitants Penguins, puffles.

Square Islands province consists of two islands. South Island is the smaller one. But smaller doesn't mean less interesting. In fact, South Island is much more popular then its' northern neighbour - Cutter Island.


South Island is rumored to be part of Cutter Island which somehow got separated. The exact date of its' separation is unknown, but it is rumored to be around 170 000 BC. At first it was in a shape of a rectangle, but storms from the north-east formed the mountains and formed it in such an orginal shape.

The island has been uninhabited until explorers from Warmslates came. They focused on Cutter Island, so South Island was still untoched. When Western Penguiki collapsed, many penguins immigrated to this island and established Middle - the capital and biggest city of this small island.

Points of interest[]

South Island maybe is small, but it has lots of places. The Northern side of the island is the main tourist site. The Sacranta Beach is the longest single beach in the known world! It is very sandy and there are lots of penguins there!

The island is always very sunny and easy to get to (because of very good weather conditions). It has only one main road (not counting roads in Middle) - Road 22, which leads from Middle to Cape East. It is very close to the beach, too!

If you are bored with sunbathing on the beach, why not go to the South Mountains (Why "South" again?) ? The road is difficult, but the view from the top of the middle mountain is certainly worth it! You should also check the West Bay for its' nice cliffs. Just watch the waves slam into them! The south side of this island has a rocky coast. Beach fans are not recommended to go there!