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Sorai Charister XIX
"Oh Hi there! Im Sorai........" (2 minutes later) "I HATE BEING NICE!!!"
Vital statistics
Title Sorai Chareister XIX
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction Evil!
Health Good
Level Age 15
Status Pretendign to be a normal person.
Location Anywhere
Occupation Secret Villain
Interests Makign poeople suffer, making things go wrong, chaos, Mabel
Friends None
Enemies Xorai, Darktan II

Sorai Charister is a young 15 year old Adelie Penguin that is, like Bellina, secretly evil.

Unlike Bellina, he is more cunning and is not a Mary Sue. He is also more sadiscit, and like Demon penguins, enjoys the suffery of others.


On a cloudy snowy day, far below normal tempratures for Antartica, Sorai Charister was hatched. He instantly waddled around, quickly falling. For awhile, he was pretty pleasent. Later he became a nuisance. He played horrible pranks on people, ditto, bombs, knickles. All used as sadiscit pranks. Later he ebcame evil, secretly. He quickly left home to do something, which later failed horribly.

Later, Sorai Charister decided to make a enemey, he quickly attacked Xorai and Darktan II posing as a good guy. Both times, failed horribly. He later, to make himself look heroic, got rid of several Mwa Mwa Penguins. This boosted his reputation slightly.

Sorai Charister later met WishFlyX, who did not like him after his attack on Darktan II, after some argueing,t hey came to a agreement. He joined WishFlyX's army, he doesnt get hunted down by Doom Knights.



  • Only he and his brother know hes evil.
  • He is beyond cunning, he can literlly make anyone think hes a good guy.
  • He has skills in almost every combat style.
  • he is always changing sides, jsut like Zone. But he is always secretly evil.
  • He and Corai get along horribly.
  • He is horrible at any game, and puffles tend to assult him on sight.
  • He gets injured easily.

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