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SonicFire45 image
This is SonicFire45
Vital statistics
Title Sonicfire45 i guess
Gender Male
Race rare Lolz Penguins
Faction The Lolz Army
Health good health
Level 32
Status Speed;*** power;** stamimai; ****
Location Planet Lolz ( future )
Occupation Wizard
Interests Math, Adventure, A Spell
Friends Tails6000, King Lolz, Robert, gary, aunt artic, rockhopper, sensei
Enemies SonicXire54, Xillybob, The Rofl Army


Sonicfire45 was born in 2012, he was born in the future, he grew up to be the royal wizard of Planet Lolz and helped young wizards train. in late fall he had found out that The Blue comet ( see the blue comet page ) was hurtling above planet lolz, he tried to sneak out of the castel but then the king came in and found him, SF45 got lucky because a worm hole made by The Rolf Army opened up and sucked SF in, then sf found himself on clubpenguin, 2010.



SF45 is sonicfire's nickname he is known to break the forth wall he once boarded rockhoppers ship to chaos cove he has all the puffle types his puffle names are;blue=sonic red=knux yellow=DJ pink=loop green=Tyron ornage=coco purple=ruby black=flame white=snow