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A front view of Something. Pretty small, eh?
Country Portal State, Nothing
Area 1km2
Monuments The Orange Teleporter, The Portal, 1 Portal Street, 2 Portal Street
Headquarters No headquarters; possibly 1 Portal Street
Neighbourhoods Only Something.
Mayor No mayor, governed by USA entirely.
Population 28 (27 penguins, 1 puffle)
- rank by 2009: 28
Inhabited species Penguins and one puffle
General information
Native name
Foreign name
Demonym Something
Founded 2008
- founder Unknown
Time zone Now TIme Zone (NTZ)
- summer Now Time Zone (NTZ)
Area codes 1

Something is the oldest town in the virtual world of Nothing. It consists of four structures.


Something is the first town built in Nothing. After Nothing was found livable, Something was created near the portal to encourage future colonization of the virtual world, Nothing. The citizens at first couldn't handle the binary codes, but they got used to them. Unfortunately, the sky above Something, and ONLY the sky above it, was stuck in night mode for 23 hours of the day. That is why most pictures taken are at night.


Something image

Back view of Something, excluding The Portal.

There are four structures in Nothing. Here is a simple explanation: (left to right)

  • The Orange Teleporter- Part of Nothing's Teleport Service.
  • The Portal- The only way in or out of Nothing. A lot of traffic goes through here.
  • 1 Portal Street- An apartment building. There are 30 apartments in Something.
  • 2 Portal Street- This is the only grocery store in Somethinng. Penguins have to eat!


Population Report:

7 Scientists

20 Penguins

1 Puffle



  • Binary Code
  • An annoying young penguin who parties all the time.(Not really a villain, but to the inhabitants of 1 Portal Street, he is.)


  • The Grocery Store will fill all your needs.

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