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Soda Root
Soda Root image
The Soda Root
Vital statistics
Type Root
Effects Makes Cream Soda
Source Near Frozen Lakes
Location Numerous places
Cost to buy 30 pebbles per 3
Cost to sell 17 pebbles

The Soda Root is a root which is used to make Cream Soda. It is discovered by Joshua Cream in 1789 and is significant for it's rainbow colour.

Root's Features[]

The Soda Root has a main stem with branches sticking out. Each branch oozes small amounts of sticky sap, which is used to produce cream soda. This sap comes from the pholem of the plant -- tiny tubes filled with the plant's sugary food, which is transported from the leaves down through the pholem and into the other parts of the plant. Sap is often collected right off the branch to produce cream soda, but this poses a problem -- storing the sap is notoriously difficult, which makes it hard to slowly amass large amounts of sap for factory use. Instead, the Cream Soda Factory employs a different method.

Production of Cream Soda[]

The employees of the Cream Soda Factory gather large bundles of Soda Root. Then they manually break each branch of each plant to spill all the sap within into a large hopper. Since the sap (at this stage) is not very viscous, this is done rather easily. Sugar is added to sweeten the flavoring, then the mixture is left to age for a few days. At this point, the sap begins to thicken and become syrup-like. The syrup is heated to bring out the flavor, then quickly blanched by pouring in large amounts of ice water. This makes the sap thin and watery again. Finally, the drink is piped to the bottling line. Each bottle of Cream Soda is filled and then pumped with carbon dioxide to give it that highly volatile fizziness unique to the drink. Barrels are prepared in pretty much the same way, though they are filled manually with a pump.


Sometimes, the Soda Root will be contaminated with inisca, from the Pengydonian word "iniska". Iniska means poison food. The roots in Rockhopper Island are planted carefully to avoid contamination from affected areas. Inisca is a chemical, and most of them were spilled in the island when they were trying to make Link slip on it.


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