Club Penguin Fan Universe

Sockhopper protecting himself from Nothing.
Vital statistics
Title Sockhopper
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction None
Health Weird
Level Good
Status Unknown
Location -

Sockhopper is Rockhopper's little brother. He wants to instead of being a pirate he wants to be a great conqueror. He will probably never accomplish this considering his Mom keeps tabs on him at all times. He also carries around a strange lollipop.


His egg was dropped and he hatched later than any of his other siblings. He refused sailing school, saying he was "too superior". He is very intelligent for his age. He once said he doesn't need his parents so he now lives in a small cave outside of Club Penguin. He creates crab armies and tries to conquer wild Puffle communities. with them. So far, he has never succeeded.

Closest Attempt of CP Domination[]

Once, he created a great crab army, hoping it would conquer Club Penguin. It was three quarters the size of ACP. The armies temporarily conquered Club Penguin, but his parents and his elder brothers figured out everything and took out the army with Cream Soda grenades and level twelve Card-Jitsu cards.


  • He is jealous of Darktan.
  • He wears a sock on his head, saying it's his "royal crown".
  • He owns a large lollipop, saying it's his "royal scepter".

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