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Snowy Ele Snow
"My last name is NOT Snow! Stop judging me!"
Vital statistics
Title Nice!
Gender Boy
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction None
Health Good
Level Low
Status Being Depressed, maybe Happy, Mostly sad, but never miserable.
Location His igloo, his puffles, a pet shop.

SnowySnowy is a sad, err, happy, ummmmm. Whatever penguin that belives in peace and is rather shy.


ON a middle of a winter, Snowy was hatched, he was never the "happy" kind of penguin, but yet he still made some friends and even a frenemy. He later started to get bullied like Never. When he turned 14 (Current age) he got a a white puffle which he adored and spoiled. Later he got his own igloo and started interactign with his friends and frenemy more, he was still sad alot, but not as much. As he made more and more friends he got more and more happy, to this day hes still pretty depressed, but you can see a smile alot. He, now, is rather happy AND sad at the same time. Its hard to make him real sad these days, but he is easily saddend.


On a scale 1-10, before he made friends, 5, adter, 8.


  • His ONLY FRIENDS EVER are Worai and his Puffle, Snowy Snow Snowy.
  • His family is obbesed with Snow, hench the name, but Snowy, er, SnowySnow is not, he preferes to stay inside.
  • he is rather sad, because hes ignored, bullied, and bullied, like Never.
  • he can break the fourth wall.
  • He, secretly, likes Worai, but never shows it over his sadness, maybe cause Worai trys to cheer Snowy up.
  • Just call him Snow, it makes life alot easier. Espically for him.
  • He depsise shis last name, but hes proud of being in his family.
  • He doesnt belvie in fighting.
  • Flywish thinks he's cool.
  • He and Xorai are friends/enemeys.

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