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Snowville Regional Airport
Vital statistics
Name Snowville Regional Airport
Native name Snowville Regional Airport
AATA code {{{aata}}}
Type of airport International airport
Hub for No airlines currently
Owned/Operated by Snowville Airports Authority
Serves Snowville
Location Snowville, Eastshield
Runway Runway 32/13 (10,000 ft.) (Asphalt)
Runway Runway 36/18 (10,000 ft.) (Asphalt)

Snowville Regional Airport (ACAO code: SNW) is the main airport serving Snowville and it's surrounding area. It has one runway, Runway 32/13, and one main terminal as well.


Domestic Terminal[]

International Terminal[]


The airport has two main runways, Runway 32/13 (10,000 ft) and Runway 36/18 (6,000 ft.), and one main terminal, which consists of thirteen gates, and seven holding lounges. The airport also houses many aviation schools and clubs as well. The airport has air stairs,and some jetways like many other regional airports in the country, as well as an air traffic control tower (77 ft.) and also does not have border clearance services by the USA government. Snowville Regional Airport also houses the Gillard B. Flatz Aviation Museum as well, the second largest one after the National Air and Space Museum in South Pole City.

Passenger Terminals[]

There is one main passenger terminal at the airport, which operates all commercial flight out of the airport

Main Terminal[]

The main terminal has thirteen gates, marked Gates A to M. There are eight airlines currently serving the terminal, they are MammothAir,CP Airways, Club Penguin AirFlights, Air Antarctic, UTA, Air Pengolia, StarJet and Rockhopper Airlines.The terminal is home to the airport's Bus and Taxi Area, where all taxies and buses arrive and depart from at the airport.The terminal is also home to the airport's administration offices located in a small building beside the terminal's departures hall.There are six airline lounges, a JetzLounge operated by SkyJet Airways and CP Airways, a PolarLounge operated by Club Penguin AirFlights, a PengolianLounge operated by Air Pengolia, a PiratesClub operated by Rockhopper Airlines, and a UnitedLounge operated by UTA.