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Snowtendo GameSphere
Snowtendo GameSphere Logo
Snowtendo GameSphere image
TypeVideo game console
Generation2000-2005 generation
Release date10 February 2002 (ended February 2006)
Introductory price150 pebbles
Units shipped22 million, approx.
Media8 cm GameSphere optical disk.
CPUMuffin "Majestic"/Micro Hard and Soft "Edgecutter"
Storage capacity500MB Flash Memory
GraphicsSnowtendo Graphics Division
Controller inputGameSphere Controller, Viimote, GSOS (GameSphere Optional Software)
Online servicesNone.
Best-selling gameSuper Antics World 14 million units, pack-in
Super Explorer 767 8 million units, non-pack-in
PredecessorSnowtendo 64
SuccessorSnowtendo Vii

The Snowtendo GameSphere, also often called "Game Sphere" is the very first home game console by Snowtendo. It was first released on the 10th of February 2002. The number of games were extrodinary, with popular ones such as Super Explorer 767 and Super Antics World, along with much more. The GameSphere was eventually overthrown by the Vii and Snowtendo DS in 2006, however, units are still being sold as "antiques" in Warmslates shops.




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Many of the games in the console were not as popular as that of the Vii or the 64.


  • The only state, where the GameSphere was most likely not to release was Pengolia.
  • To confirm it's release in Pengolia, they agreed that Penghis Khan will be printed on it. This version was sold in a one copy - Penghis Khan bought it. However, an Eastshield store sold upto 250 copies of Penghis Khan-faced GameSpheres. They were actually pirated copies.
  • G used some parts of the GameSphere by attaching them to his prototype sled.

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