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Snowflake Valley
Facility for Elderly Penguins
Snowflake Valley Retirement Home image
The facility as seen in the world reknowned Walking Her Home documentary.
Old folks hall
A residential hallway in the facility.
Vital statistics
Type Nursing Home
Level 65 - 90+
Location Club Penguin, near the Plaza
Inhabitants Old Folks at Home

Snowflake Valley Retirement Home, also referenced by its full name, Snowflake Valley Retirement Facility for Elderly Penguins, is the only nursing home in Antarctica. As the only facility, it plays host to hundreds. It also doubles as a hospice center. because no one should die alone.


The facility was founded in Colonial Antarctica, 1997, commissioned by royal charter as a "place for refuge" for old people. Anti-king conspirators begged to differ, since most warriors of yore are elderly, they believed that locking them up in a nursing home would keep them from rallying the new generations into overthrowal.

Nonetheless, everyone who is old went there whether they liked it or not, and the process continues to this day.


Old folks receptionist

The lobby desk and its receptionist, near a doctor.

Inside the nursing home are the following:

  • Kitchen
  • Receptionist counter
  • Old people's rooms
  • Story room (old people share their experiences here with the younger generations)
  • Computer mainframe (for medical orders, food schedules, other automated processes)
  • Bingo hall
  • Shuffleboard arena
  • Board game room
  • TV room
  • Hospice boarding (in the back)


Notable Residents include:

  • Pawel Moscicki, the leader of Poleland and a later Water Kingdom monarch.
  • Beaky4444, one of the greatest PSA agents ever. He famously led the CPW's secret police, which is still classified.
  • Add more...


Whoot Smackler Whoot and EscarBOI, among others. However, all of them are too old to cause MAJOR damage. Whoot once hacked the computer and changed the food there, however. The home is now recieving Shoporgshel, lobster, sparkling cream soda, and all sorts of expensive luxuries thanks to this, and there is nothing they can do because Whoot changed the password.

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