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The Snowfallingregiment (refered to the "Green Demons" by The Good Guys) was the Naughtzees Fluffenwaffle paratroopers. During Khanzem they served in major operations in the Sub-Antarctic Islands, parachuting into Ross Island as their first mission. Later they served in other operations including the Battle of Northfolk and also did their bit in Operation Supermarket Backyard. They were finally defeated by the Snowviets. At that time they were led by Kite Student

The modern day Snowfallingregiment is the parachute division of the PSF eventhough some are air mobile. Trained by Roman Edward himself and several paratrooper aces, they are only called in parachute operations or air mobile operations where they use airforce helicopters.






Modern Day Snowfallingregiment[]

The Snowfallingregiment is divided into two brigades and one command unit. The total number of troops is 10,000, all active.

Special Operations Division

  • Headquarters Company
  • Airborne Signal Battalion
  • Airborne Air Defence Deletion Missile Battery 100
  • Long Range Reconnaissance Training Company 200
  • Army Band 300
  • Airborne Brigade 26
  • Headquarters Company
  • Airborne Reconnaissance Company 260
  • Airborne Engineer Company 260
  • Snowfallingregiment Battalion 261
  • Airborne Support Battalion 262
  • Snowfallingregiment Battalion 263
  • 1st Force Recon (DIA - Deleted in Action)

Airborne Brigade 31

  • Airborne Reconnaissance Company 310
  • Airborne Engineer Company 270
  • Snowfallingregiment Battalion 313
  • Snowfallingregiment Battalion 373
  • Airborne Support Battalion 272

Special Forces Command (PSF)



  • They're one of the deadly units in the PSF.
  • The modern day unit is one of Edward Roman's favourites.