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Snow Island
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Vital statistics
Type Island
Level High
Location 26 miles southwest of Club Penguin
Inhabitants Bean Pod 600

Snow Island, which is located 26 miles southwest of the famous port city, Club Penguin, the island is famous for it's fisheries


The island was first inhabited by a group of early fishermen in the late 1800s.The island was then known as Camperdown Island, and was one of the premier fishing areas at the time. Until 1950, there was a settlement on the island, called Halburg, a small fishing village of 798 penguins. The village was abandoned, due to overfishing laws in the area. When the law was abolished in 1998, many flocked to the island, and re-started the town of Halburg, and renaming the island 'Snow Island'.The fishing village soon became a large fishing town of over 29,800 penguins and 2,000 puffles. The area is widely known for it's fishing and boating, since it's where 25% of all fish in the country are caught from. The island also maintains one small airport, which operates flights to and from points in the Antarctic Continent.


  • Halburg (Pop.31,800) is the sole twon on the island, popular for fishing and boating as well.
  • Harris Rocks are a small band of rocks, on the northeast side of the island, which serve as habitats and fisheries for mussels
  • Matheson Cliff, which is located next to the sea, is known for it's spectacular sunrises and sunsets as well.
  • Julian's Lighthouse, which is located on the tip of a small jetty near Halburg Harbor is popular for it's ocean views and light.
  • Halburg Airport', is a regional airport located a few miles east of Halburg.


.There are 31,800 inhabitants on the island, in which 95% are penguins, and the rest are Puffles.The population mainly consists of Adelie and Emperor Penguins.


There are currently no villains that inhabit the island, but there was a Walrus Crime Ring operating in the island from 1999 and pulled out in 2007.


  • Fish
  • Boats
  • Pebbles
  • Minerals
  • Spring Water

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