Club Penguin Fan Universe

The Snow Forts
Snow Forts image
The Snow Forts, with Rory in the foreground.
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Vital statistics
Type Room
Level -10° Farenheit
Location Club Penguin
Inhabitants Snowball Fighters, ninjas, tourists, ACP, and ACP II.

The Snow Forts is a small region of Club penguin designed specifically for flinging frozen precipitation at each other. There are two castle-like structures in the center of the arena, which are apparently indestrucitble, since a certain penguin gets carried away in the Snowball Fights that occur there.


The Snow Forts was founded by "The Club" in 2003, who also established CP.

They packed up some snow and froze it with liquid nitrogen, rendering them seemingly indestructible. Afterwards, they covered it with more snow, and so on.

A clocktower was also built the year after by Rory.


There are two forts for each team and a clocktower to tell penguins the time of the day. This is the primary time used in the Sub-Antarctic. There is also an Ice Rink where penguins could play hockey, a popular sport there.

There is a secret trapdoor right under the Clock Tower that leads to the Hacker's Bunker, where hackers secretly live. It can only be opened with a CP Trainer.


Snowball fighters, ACP, ACP II, generic penguins, and so-forth.


Snowballs and pain are the primary items.

CP Trainers are manufactured in the Hacker's Bunker.

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