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SnowTek is iConnect's official game development team. The current members of the group which help to create the games are Guymed, ZapWire, Jeve Hembargs, and Rotta3000.


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"SnowTek"'s name is disregarded in Lasoun. Several penguins said that "SnowTek", if you pronnouce it and say it's in a local dialect, it means a vulgar word. To stop the controversy, USA government told Lasoun, their unrecognized neighbour that only they will pronnouce it as Snow-take, not Snow-tech. The controversy ended.

It was brought up again when Lasounish-East Pengolians came and complained that their game products were found to have viruses. It was found out that they had mistaken another company, "Showtake", for "SnowTek" (pronnouciation to Lasounihes). They were erased by the other company and continued on with the rule.

After the company's discovery of the situation, SnowTek filed a report with FRG in the Government Trademark Issue Branch. SnowTek, backed by iConnect refused to change the name. Since, SnowTek has stopped shipping products to Lasoun and some areas in the USA. Civilian demand for SnowTek products forced USA to allow "SnowTek". Since Lasoun denied, SnowTek has permanently stopped shipping to Lasoun for illegal trademark modification (under FRG laws).

Lawsuit by Crick Inc.[]

Main Article: Project:Court House/Crick Inc. VS. SnowTek

A lawsuit was filed against SnowTek, for copying games from Crick Inc, a very, very, very small company based in Shiverpool in April 2009. SnowTek won after many discussions.


None have been made of May 2009.

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