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Snow Chi Storm
Not very evil....But evil...
Vital statistics
Title Slightly evil White puffle
Gender Male
Race White Puffle
Faction Himself
Health Good
Level High
Status Trying to do evil.
Location Somewhere

Snow Chi Storm is a very bad villain and is NOT classed as one. He often goes into urban areas but stays in a forest most of the time. He also is known to be very energetic but evil (kinda) most consider him even more pathetic then Xorai. He has tried several times to join a evil army but ALWAYS rejected. He even though rarely uses his powers of snow can freeze a entire penguin with a sneeze, for a couple seconds. He thinks the Treacherous Trio is cool as well and wants to join them as well.


Snow "Chi" Storm was born to two very good parents and he was a very nice puffle for a short time. He never knew he had powers and he was the only White Puffle in the forest he lived at. At the forest NO ONE knew about white puffles so when he used his powers accidentally everyone ran away from him. He was shunned by his fellow puffles. He then tried to become a evil puffle but it always back fired, like freezing himself or throwing himself into a river.


He is currently two and is still mocked. He finds it hard to use his powers so he throws snowballs instead. But when he does use his powers he usually just plays with them like a normal puffle.


  • He is more pathetic then Xorai and thinks hes funny, but refuses to be his friend.
    • He IS in his army though
      • he hates being in it though and wants to leave it.
  • Xorai is desperate for a friend, he has tried several dozen times to be Snow's friend and ends with himself as a ice statue.
  • He is a huge fan of the treacherous trio
  • He cant speak penguin but everyone somehow can understand his squeaks.
  • His parents switched his records weith a normal puffle, he has several hundred copies so when he trys to join a army if doesnt say "Is a follower of Xorai and loves him" his real document saids "He is a forced follower of Xorai and tortures him daily, much to Xorai's expense".


  • He is impatient
  • He is scared of the color pink (0_0) but not on evil penguins.
    • He ALWAYS runs away from pink puffles and penguins.
  • He gets angry very easy.
  • He nearly always freezes himself with his powers.

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