Club Penguin Fan Universe

Snakesy2 is the arch enemy of Snakesy1. They are related, and are cousins. The two have been at it for their lives, and snakesy1 has always gained an advantage. Snakesy2 is freaky, for the fact that he was born with powers similar to Flystar55555's super hero. He has powers such as:

  • Teleporting
  • Invisibility
  • blowing fire from his hands

Influence on World[]

Snakesy2 has burnt down buildings, and even destroyed an iceberg some penguins were residing upon. He has been a problem to penguins in general. Even though he has no army, he still is just as feared. He can blow stuff up quicker than you can say "BOOM!"He is very dangerous.

2004 War of Penguins[]

Back before Club Penguin, on the small Iceberg that later became the Iceberg of CP, Snakesy2 was born. He was noted to be able to fly. He could do so many amazing things, and he mainly used them for good. One day, however, he met his cousin, Snakesy1. He hated Snakesy1's goody-goody attitude, and when his parents said they acted just alike, Snakesy2 saw to the end of that. He melted a large portion of the iceberg, and flew away, to have war on the other penguins. He assembled a large army, and they lived in secrecy till the founding of Club Penguin. He was an amazingly skilled General, and soon took the title of General Snakesy2. He found Snakesy1 celebrating on Club Penguin Island, and when he melted his igloo, Snakesy1 had enough. He built a small yet elite crew and took them to fight Snakesy2. Snakesy1 and Snakesy2 continually went at it for 15 days, and suddenly, their was a cold, cold wind that blew threw. It froze the water, but that didn't stop Snakesy2's crew. They poured in. Eventually, snakesy1 won.

Correcting the Life[]

Snakesy2 is currently playing back with his band with Snakesy1, The Snakesys. Penguins are really rocking to him now.