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Snail Claus
Snail claus
Snail Claus
Vital statistics
Title Snail Claus
Gender Male
Race RocketSnail
Faction Snail who delivers Christmas presents
Level Magic
Location New Snow Village

Snail Claus is a magic RocketSnail who delivers presents to good Antarcticans on Christmas Eve at USA. He substitutes for Santa Claus (a penguin) for delivering presents. His appearance is blue, with a pink shell and carries a large bag fullof presents on his back. Snail Claus is also quite strong, and can carry heavy loads up to 50 times his own body weight. This is of course, a big help for Santa.


Snail Claus grew up by hearing stories of the wonderful penguin called Santa Claus and thrived on them. He hoped one day to meet him, and on one Christmas night, he stayed up really late in the night, hoping that Santa would come. It turns out that he did come, and Snail Claus was excited. He talked to Santa, asking if he could be a helper elf. Santa replied "Ho ho ho, of course you can be a helper elf!" Snail Claus was thrilled, but sadly got disheartened when Santa gave him a small bag to carry with him. Snail Claus then took Santa's bag, and carried it on his back with no problems. Santa was surprised at this, and found Snail Claus to be quite useful. Santa said; "Ho ho ho, you're very strong. How would you like to help me on Christmas Eve?" Snail Claus got very excited, and he currently helps Santa by delivering presents to penguins all around the USA.


Snail Claus delivers presents to penguins all over Antarctica. If you have a Christmas tree in your igloo, you may find an extra present under there, and a random item in your inventory, along with a card from Snail Claus saying "Merry Christmas! -Snail Claus" written on it. The item and card are permanent, and when Christmas comes once again, you will not get another card, but another random item. However, of course, you must be a good penguin for the whole year. Otherwise, you will receive a lump of coal wrapped in cellophane every year until you be good.


  • On occasion, Santa himself makes rounds on Christmas instead of Snail Claus, as was in 2008.

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