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Smallie with Childpengu1
Vital statistics
Title Smallie
Gender Male
Race Puffle
Faction ?
Health Good
Level ?
Status Status
Location Club Penguin Island
Occupation Be on mostly all parties and events made by Childpengu1
Interests Icy things
Friends Childpengu1's friends(' puffles)
Enemies None

Smallie is Childpengu1's smaller puffle. His owner loves it and cares about him more than his other puffles. This is because Smallie gets colds many times and he may be in danger.


Smallie was found in the Pet Shop alone, and sad. After Childpengu1 adopted him all of his puffles cared about him because he is still a little puffle. When Childpengu1 adopted Prankster!, his orange puffle, Smallie and Prankster! became best friends, and Prankster! cared about Smallie, too. And as Smallie and Prankster! like to do pranks at their puffle friends they have a lot of interaction between the two.


Smallie is shy, but when he knows one Childpengu1 friend or their puffles, he interacts a lot with them. He likes cookies a lot, and when it is time to sleep, he tries to sleep the funniest he can so he can give fun to his owner and his friends. Every Friday he plans a meeting with all Childpengu1's puffles, he talks about how the week was and about what they are going to do in the next week.


  • Smallie has met lots of penguins, including Homsolo, Hat Pop, Snowman 1001 and their puffles.
  • Smallie has appeared in many Childpengu1 videos, mostly of parties.
  • There are rumors that he is going to release a book about an autobiography.

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