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Slade The Thief
I do not know why he is cocky...he has 60 seconds to get outta there.
Vital statistics
Title The Master Thief
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction mercenary...or not with anyone
Health good
Level Level
Status In jail
Location Owcatraz
Occupation thieving
Interests lock picking,bribery,thieving,and rock wall climbing.
Friends None
Enemies The police

Slade is a thief that has stolen 1,000,000 coins worth of rare ancient artifacts from Pengolian ruins all over the country.


Slade was born in a ghetto town in Pengolia.His parents knew he would grow up to be a thief because at 5 months old he stole 6 penguin's wallets.They did not want him to be responsible for raising a thief,so they sent him to military school.After picking the main doors and stealing some mullets,he escaped into the Pengolian wilderness.There,he learned to survive,practiced his stealing by taking food from wild puffles.Years later he stumbled upon some temples filled with artifacts.He grabbed them all and sneaked into society to sell them.He recieved nearly 1000000 coins.After years of the life of luxury,Pengolian knights captured him and trialed him for raiding ancient temples.He was found guilty and thrown into Owcatraz.He could easily pick the lock and run away,but he is staying so he can assemble an army of thieves to take back all he lost when he was arrested.He is bribing other convicted thieves to fight for him.


He is assembling an army of thieves to take back all the money he lost to Penghis Kahn.He has a few hundred thieves by now.


  • He has stolen 1,000,000 coins worth of artifacts from ancient temples.
  • He has yellow skin,a leather vest,and a red bandanna.

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