Club Penguin Fan Universe
MottoFlying high.
FormationSeptember 4, 2007
Headquarters226 Ridgecrest Road, Polaris
Official languagesEnglish, Pengunian
PresidentSancho Monte Captio,John Verdin( Future)

SkyAlliance is a major airline alliance created by Sancho Monte Captio in 2007. It has 15 airlines and over 40 destinations in the continent.


Sancho Monte Captio wanted to make an alliance, to unite the airlines of the continent, and make travel easier and faster for penguins, doing connecting flights, or traveling certain routes. So, in 2007, he set up the airline with five airlines, Club Penguin AirFlights, Air Antarctic, MammothAir, Aer Frysland and CP Airways. The alliance is the first and only airline alliance in the continent. Airlines can also have affiliates, or subsidiaries, such as regional airlines or any cargo subsidaries. Many airlines are joining the alliance, for better agreements with competing airlines, to get better in revenue, and also to also fly different routes.The airline alliance also has Alliance hubs, which are spread across the continent.


Member Affiliates[]

Former Members[]

Future Members[]

Alliance Hubs[]

Logo on Aircraft[]

Most SkyAlliance partners paint the logo on their aircraft, and also feature Star Alliance livery as well. They also put the logo on the tail fin, the aircraft's body of sometimes the belly.MammothAir was the first to paint their aircraft in the SkyAlliance livery. Most airlines paint a small 70 cm logo behind the cockpit, to signify that the airline operating the aircraft is part of the alliance. The final airline to do so was, in June of 2009. There is an average of five aircraft in each airlines fleet which is painted in a SkyAlliance livery.


AlliancePoints, is similar to a frequent-flyer program, and has three levels, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Penguins with more points, get more privileges with each level. Points can be spent on flights, hotels or car rentals. Flights are with all airlines and subsidiaries as well. Points can be redeemed while shopping, buying air fare, or rewarded on special occasions.AlliancePoints are featured on small, plastic cards, which as much like credit cards.