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Oh there you are yellow puffle
Vital statistics
Title The only puffle in Flywish's Army with powers besides Jenni X
Gender Male
Race Puffles
Faction Flywish's Army
Health Good
Level High
Status Hunting for enemies to beat up
Location Flywish's Mansion
Occupation Worker of Flywish
Interests Lot's of stuff
Friends Flywish, Sonic Xtreme, Degeneration, Icarius O'vian, Gruff
Enemies Xruff, Artist, Darktan, Xorai, Sheamus
Archetype Good Guy

Skull is a black puffle that hates the color yellow and him as well. He works for Flywish. He is also the brother of Sheamus.


Skull was born in a puffle shelter that he blew up when he was three. Sheamus, his brother, hates him as well as his family. He had used some magic that made all of his family disappear forever. Sheamus somehow didn't disapear and often bullied Skull. This would often end with him getting tortured by a white puffle, Skull beating him with a Knicicle, or something else. Skull decided to join Flywish's Army. He then met Sas and instantly hated him.

Skull had a strong dislike for Yishrans. Skull never hated Gruff because Gruff doesn't consider himself a Yishran. He mainly despises the color yellow. Artist is his main enemy of yellow. More yellow puffles he hates can be seen below. He also hates Gang and tends to try to torture him. It has never been successful.

Puffles he hates[]

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He is a black puffle. He often turns into a fireball. This makes people call him "Fireball". Raven often tries to adopt him but he refuses to be adopted. However, he works with Raven whenever possible. He mainly is known for helping Raven when attacking Zaplock.


  • He hates Xorai.
  • Artist is his main enemy.
    • He often gets pranked by Artist.
  • He has a crush on... her... (0_0)
  • He often paints skulls on his face which is why he was named Skull.
  • He despises them.

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