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Skeleton Virus
Vital statistics
Type Virus
Effects Turns corpses into skeletal creatures.
Source Dirt, Grass, some water, and rocks.
Location Virus
Cost to buy Priceless
Cost to sell Priceless

The Skeleton Virus is a Virus.


The Skeletal Virus is a bunch of genetic material that goes to corpses and turns them into skeletal creatures. It turns their flesh into jelly-like materials and makes the bones strong as adamant. The creature is now a skeletal creature serving SkeleMaster, although they have their own personalities.


Stage I[]

The Virus goes inside the heart and starts to kill red blood cells to reproduce.

Stage II[]

The virus starts to travel through the vessels and starts turning every organ to jelly except for the bones

Stage III[]

All keratin on the outside of the corpse (hair, feathers, fingernails, scales) falls off

Stage IV[]

The virus goes to the bones and starts to harden them

Stage V[]

The virus's job is done and it dies. The cadaver is now a skeletal creature.


  • Everyone, antibody or Demon Penguin, EVERYTHING can get sick from it as long as they're dead.
  • It appears to be just as widespread as the X-Virus.
  • There creator, SkeleMaster, is the only one immune to this virus.
  • There identified by the word "Skeleton" in there name. IE "Skeleton puffle".
  • Zombies can be affected, and this would cause their demise to their "unlife".
  • It is not related to Skeleton Fish.


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