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Sir Thomas Aquarius
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Vital statistics
Title Sir Aquarius
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction City of Aquarius
Health Very Good
Level High
Location Aquarius, Trans-Antarctica.

Sir Thomas Aquarius is a penguin, who founded the city of Aquarius in 1998. He is a great city designer and politician. He is currently Add some more


Sir Thomas Aquarius, was born on May 10, 1984, in Penguville, to Michael and Barbara Aquarius. He was a very curious chick, and had mediorce grades at school. In high school, he was interested in architecture, and helped create a small neighborhood in his town back in April of 1990. He went to the Penguin University and got a degree in architecture, and a master's in Architecture as well. After a job designing multiple buildings in metropolitan areas such as South Pole City, he created a small refugee settlement in 1998, called Fort Aquarius, with his colleagueSancho Monte Captio. The settlement was turned into an incorporated city in 2001. He now lives in South Pole City.


Sir Thomas Aquarius created a city in Trans-Antarctica with his colleague, Sancho Monte Captio. In 1998. The penguin also does penguitarian work, in many areas, and also volunteers at fish kitchens in his community. He currently works a shop owner, owning a shop called Aquamille, which is a trendy fish restaurant in South Pole City. He is currently married to Amelia Heartsworth, who is a popular actress, and has one child, named Samuel.


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