Club Penguin Fan Universe
Lean Jim Silver and Taxon Inferno
Partners in fire!
Vital statistics
Title The inseparable Fire Ninja duo.
Gender Both male.
Race Chinstrap Penguin and Adelie Penguin
Faction Army of Fire Ninjas
Health Silver is very very thin, Inferno is fat.
Level OVER 900000!
Status Playing with fire and water.
Location Fire Dojo
Occupation Fire Ninjas
Interests Fire and Water
Friends Johnny "Sheep" Pantherninja, Akmoon
Enemies The Fire Brigade (Inferno) and that annoying waterfall (Silver).

Lean Jim Silver and Taxon Inferno are a Hydromaniac and Pyromaniac respectively, but still remain great friends. Taxon loves fire and has a habit of setting fire to things, Silver loves water and douses Taxon's fires with water. They are both Fire Ninjas.


Silver and Inferno are both fire ninjas and spent most school time learning powers.They both joined the AFN army of fire ninjas. There both very stupid.


They are always playing with fire and water


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