Club Penguin Fan Universe

If you ar seeing this then you are looking at the logbook of Shuckle1. Yay!!!

Army logs[]

Day 399[]

This is the day i got this logbook. Pretty cool huh? Anyway, Darktan is planing somthing and I'm gonnna find out what so i will head to East Pengolia to start.

Day 400[]

I reached East Pengolia. I'm up north near Eastshield in East Pengolia. It's gonna be tough but I have to make it.

Day 410[]

I made it to a Ditto factory near West Pengolia. But I accidentaly made Shuckle X. Gasp!

Day 415[]

I finaly know where Shuckle X is but it is gonna be hard to get there so I'm camping in the wilderness of West Pengolia

Day 417[]

Well, Shuckle X has an army record so i know him much more. SWEET!!!

Day 420[]

Shuckle X is of corurse, working for Darktan. Curse that evil X penguin. Anyways, I almost made it to the Darktonian Realm which is... (The rest is illegible)

Fun logs[]

Dec. 26, 2009[]

Permian frost helped Freezingfire with a new move. He got his orange puffle, Bozo, today also.

Feb. 28, 2010[]

Permian frost was CRAZED with the puffle party that hapened before. Bozo pulled a water filled puffle prank this night. That sneaky little puffball!

The prank

The prank Bozo pulled on me

Mar. 5, 2010[]

I got Samis1 away from my LOGBOOK faster then a bunny-eared ninja penguin could say "Aw, snickerdoodles". Anyway, I will write more, bye.

What is a logbook[]

Ok, seriously. Why does Shuckle1 have a "diary". Isn't he a boy? What is a logbook anyway? Oh well. - Samis1