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Evil sheep
An artist's impression, as they are very hard to catch
Vital statistics
Race Shprogshel (Attero totusspheniscidae , Latin for Destroy All Penguins)
Faction Penguin-Eating Sheep
Health Very good. Immune to all diseases exept the common cold.
Level 1,000
Status Eradicating the population of Baa
Location Baa (Though some have been found in the forests of Antartica, recently removed to Baa)

A very violent species of penguin-eating sheep, the Shprogshel (also called "Killer Wool", "Doom Flock", and "Cotton Chaser") spend most of their time hunting down and devouring penguins whole. They are native to the island of Baa, but have been found in the forests of Antartica, though they were removed to Baa. No doubt some over-ethusiastic sheep lovers tried to keep one and study it, but got ripped to shreds when it escaped. They breed like rabbits and a program has been set up to exterminate them. So far, they could only fence them all onto the island.

Several penguins are now attempting to render the Shprogshel harmless by de-fanging them, or yanking out their teeth. They call this Operation S.H.E.E.P.


  • Shprogshels have powerful feet. They can run at a speed of 40 km/h and jump 3 metres into the air.
  • The wool of a Shprogshel is so thick, that it would take a spear to penetrate it. This allows the Shprogshel to survive the frigid Antarctic climate.
  • Shprogshels are edible! It is not uncommon to see these creatures, deemed a delicacy (and very expensive), on the tables of various monarchs and rich creatures. It is said that they taste like lobster, with a hint of cinnamon.
    • They make great haggises. Try it, but DO NOT ask what is in it.
  • The DNA was tested on penguins so penguins could eat more meat. Test Subjects turned into a Puffle because of Mabel putting putting her fur into it.