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Vital statistics
Type Game
Effects Addiction
Source Active Vision
Location Khanzem
Cost to buy 60 Pebbles
Cost to sell 50 Pebbles

Shout of Loyalty 2:Soldier's Code is a game made in 2006. Released to the Pbox 360, Ps2, Ps3, and P-Box, this game achieved a greatest hit rank on all systems.


The graphics have been enhanced for this SoL, and you can see the pie splatter on the face. Instead of a dead Naughtzee disappearing, they stay there.


There are three campaigns, the newest one being the Polish Resistance.

High Penguin Campaign[]

Again, you resume the role of Lieutenant Patrick McTocks. There is a cut-scene, where you wake up, with a soldier carrying you. The soldier is shot down, and you pass out, to re-awaken in a sniper's post. The sniper is shot down, and you take his gun, and take out remaining forces. You later drive away, and meet up in a foritified building, where you are reunited with Lieutenant Trent Murdock. You both are given a new squad, and are in th same squad.

The first mission is to drop from a glider, and your squad gets seperated. Two of them(Cpl. Tommish and Sgt. Pots) are captured, and Cpl. Hager falls in a pool of electric eels. You and Lt. Murdock set out to find the rest of the squad. You find your sniper(Sgt. Hammock) hiding under an abandoned tank, and the three of you snipe other snipers, and your radioman(PFC. Kloaks) is spotted. After running through a minefield, you reach him, and he spots the last remaining two, staing the the seventh squad member(name unknown) is dead. After your swuad and two other squads take over the torturing chamber, both captured men are heavily damaged, and you set out to the hospital. The level fades with Lt. Murdock saying a few words about Cpl. Hager.

The next level starts with an explosion. The replacements for the two dead teammates are Sgt. Harrocks and Cpl. Peterson. You are aboard a glider, and the glider goes down. No one dies, but all ammo but sniper ammo is destroyed. Since the plane crashed on a roof, incoming Naughtzees are coming, and your squad must snipe them. After five waves, you take their guns, and liberate a hostage situation.

Your squad is in a fort, and its attacked during a Lazy Sunday.


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