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Sherby Hoodwounds War
Date 14 June 2002-Early 2004
Location Margate Antarctica Islands
Result MAI fought back and won
Casus belli They wanted more land, space, and power.
Sherby Hoodwounds Margate Antarctica Islands Margate Cross Island
Peter Shankson Neva L. Peterson, John Elmos Tinkle Lemon, Goven Green
15,000 Soldiers, 11,000 Volunteers 14,500 Soldiers, 5,500 Volunteers 300 Soldiers, 3 Volunteers, 2 Crabs and 1 Puffle
3000 killed, 20,000 wounded 10,000 killed, 300,000 + wounded 3000 killed, all but one fifth of the soldiers died.
It was an incident which contains violence. The violence had not been expressed to much as it will hurt viewesr.

Sherby Hoodwounds War was the only war MAI, Sherby Hoodwounds and Margate Cross Island had, fighting one another. It started in late 2002 and ended in early 2004.

The event[]

Sherby Hoodwounds wanted to conquer more islands, and started to raid MAI. They started fighting and fighthing. The government had to ask Margate Antarctic Airlines to sign a codesharing deal with AirTerra to evacuate civilians. Around December of 2002, the whole island was conquered. Soon, the whole place was raided. Then, the MAI started to fight and try to defeat Sherby Hoodwounds. In 2003, many penguins got hurt and was the most violence event. In the early years of 2004, the MAI defeated Sherby Hoodwounds and everything returned to normal.


MAI had returned to it's normal republic and Sherby Hoodwounds too. Margate Cross Island was freed from Sherby.

In 2008, they decided to merge including MCI and then finnaly became one republic. Also, the USA asked the new republic to sign the Treaty of Dorkugal, which made it a free republic protecting Sub-Antarctic Islands from baddies.

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