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Sherbian City Airport
Terminal II, it's international airline terminal
Vital statistics
Name Sherbian City Airport
Native name
AATA code {{{aata}}}
Type of airport International Airport
Hub for Sherby Blue, Sherby Air, Margate Antarctic Airlines
Owned/Operated by Margate Airports Authority
Serves Sherby City
Location Margate Sherby Island
Runway Runway 3L/21R (11,000 ft.) (Asphalt)
Runway Runway 3R/21L (11,000 ft.) (Asphalt)
Runway Runway 14/32 (9,000 ft.) (Concrete/Asphalt)

Sherbian City Airport (ACAO code SRB) is an international airport serving the island of Sherby Hoodwounds in the MAI. The airport is located 6 miles outside of Sherbian City, and is a hub for Sherby Blue, Sherby Air and Margate Antarctic Airlines.The airport has two terminals, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The airport also has direct train and bus services to the many points on Sherby Island. The airport is the second largest airport in the country, after Margate International Airport


In 1996, the government opened the airport as Sherby Island Municipal Airport, as a small airport for mainly the general aviation community. The airport was the only airport on the island at the time, and only served regional charters and some chartered cargo flights. In 2002, the airport was closed for military purposes during the Sherby Hoodwounds War, and closed from 2002-2004. During it's Sherby Hoodwounds airforce ownership, it added two runways to the airport and replaced the hangars with fully operational passenger terminals, originally for paratroopers. After the war, two of the most powerful regional airlines, Sherby Blue and Sherby Air, built the first hubs there and became international airports. In 2005, Margate Antarctic Airlines also started hub operations at the airport, for both international and domestic flights. In 2006, the airport also added a third terminal, called the Cargo Terminal, which handles all cargo passing through the airport. Until 2007, the airport went by the original name. The name change was announced on November 1st, 2007, at a Press Conference.


Terminal 1[]

Do not add, this is only for Margate Antarctic Airlines, Sherby Air and Sherby Blue!

  • Margate Antarctic Airlines: Margate City, Margate Cross Island, Club Penguin City, Club Penguin Island, New Club Penguin, Shiverpool, Aquarius, South Pole City, Shield Island, Glassyglow, Polaris, Gemini, Neo Domino City, Newton Town, Pengu Town, East Bank City
  • Sherby Air: Margate City, Margate Cross Island, Club Penguin City, Shiverpool, Aquarius, South Pole City, Polaris, Gemini, Neo Domino City, Newton Town, East Bank City, TerraMount City, Satellite City, Frostboroug, Philawind
  • Sherby Blue: Margate City, Margate Cross Island, Club Penguin City, Club Penguin Island, Ross Island, Gentoo Island, Ed Island, New Berg Island, Pengyboo Island, Newton Town, Aquarius, Angel Island,

Terminal 2[]

  • UTA: New Club Penguin, Neo Domino City, TerraMount City, Carcery Vale, Teedal Island, Razorbeak City, Satellite City
  • AirTerra: New Club Penguin, Satellite City

Cargo Terminal[]

  • MammothAir: South Pole City, Club Penguin Island, Shield Island