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Shards of Song
The music is really calming...
Vital statistics
Type Natrual Jewel
Effects Gives off music
Source Anywhere in the proximity of South Island, and South Island itself.
Location Check the source.
Cost to buy None, it's illegal to buy or sell shards of song
Cost to sell None, it's illegal to buy or sell shards of song.

The Shards of Song are a strange kind of natrual, sentinet jewel on South Island and all nearby areas. Having resided on these islans since the time they came to be, these shards are one of the very few remaining things that properly survived the volcano eruption that destroyed most of Kanta Island.

The most important factor of a song shard is that they are sentinet beings. Through ages of co-operation and teamwork, the shards give off a soothing song that can be heard nearly everywhere in Kanta Territory.


The Shards of Song looks similar to the CyberGemz, coming in a variety of shapes and colours. The colour of each shard matters, as it's colour represents what kind of sound it can give off. For example, the dark blue shards sound like violins, while yellow can make a piano-chime by nudging against a hard surface. It shoud also be noted that when they give off their own, specific sound, their center glows slightly.

[[Video:World of Warcraft Soundtrack Eversong Woods |thumb|300px|right|This is what the Shards of Song sound like when they cooperate. The Bureau of Fiction has informed us we have to listen to this on an entirely diffrent databse...]] All shards are capable of telekinesis, and can freely move in the air. However, each shard is bound to the specific island where they came from, and if they stray too far from the specific island, they deactivate, falling out of the sky. Some Scientists have made a small portable device that can be attached to a shard, allowing to to travel far, far away from it's bound island. This device is extremely costy of a scientist to make, however, and thus, only three of the devices exsist in Antartica.

The shards of song stay healthy by absorbing sunlight, though in some case fresh water can be used as a subsitute.


  • While a large, clay, green cup in a shard's presence can be used in place of the said device to allow a shard to travel freely, it is illegal. The allowed device is still frowned upon, however.
  • Due to Kanta Laws and Regulations, it is illegal to ship shards of song out of Kanta Territory.

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