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UMBRA Smoke Screen Missile
It may look small, but it packs a punch.
Vital statistics
Type Fire-and-forget cruise missile
Effects Total darkness
Source Ternville
Location Stratospheric Storage Warehouse
Cost to buy 75,000 F
Cost to sell 60,000 F

The UMBRA Smoke Screen Missile, commonly called the Shadow Missile, is a smoke screen in the form of a high-speed fire-and-forget cruise missile. Upon impact, a Shadow Missile vents a pressurized aerosol into the surrounding area. This aerosol is extremely dense and reduces visibility to within a one-foot radius, serving to disorient enemies and allow for stealth. Shadow Missiles are very useful for stealth attacks and are cheap and easy to produce. Ternville's factories are the main source of Shadow Missiles.


A Shadow Missile is only slightly larger than a KZT 6000 Deletion Missile. However, it packs a powerful punch. The Shadow Missile has three fins to help stabilize flight. The orientation of these fins can be altered to change the flight pattern of the missile. The fins are programmed to generate pseudo-random movements that cause the missile to move erratically. This makes it hard to neutralize. A typical Shadow Missile is divided into two compartments -- the combustion chamber, and the warhead. The warhead is filled to the brim with a special mixture of pressurized chemicals. Once the missile impacts, the fragile warhead bursts, releasing the mixture. The mixture rapidly expands into a dense cloud that covers a large area. The cloud is a very dark gray color and blocks out most visible and infrared light, meaning that even night vision goggles won't be enough to find your way. The combustion chamber combines and ignites various fuels to propel the missile. Soot is mixed into the exhaust, causing the missile to leave dark smoke trails behind as it flies around. These trails add to the cloud produced once the missile impacts.

Shadow Missiles can be launched from a portable handheld launcher or a launching platform. They can also be dropped like a bomb, then commanded to ignite in mid-air.


All Shadow Missiles are painted black with a white streak along the body. The fins are colored dark purple.




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