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Sensa, Almighty Card-Jitsu Master
There she is, the master.
Vital statistics
Title Sensa, Almighty Card-Jitsu Master
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction Sensei's Family
Health High
Level High
Status Alive
Location In the Dojo, ready for a challenge.
Occupation Card Jitsu
Interests Card Jitsu, video games, history of Card Jitsu
Friends Lexi, Sensei, Rocket Slug, Katie Finn
Enemies The Fashion Police, Mabel, Mean Girlz
Archetype Good, but a sore loser

Sensa is Sensei's cousin, and she is the youngest Card-Jitsu master, at eleven years old.


She was born on a rainy, cold night. Her parents said she would be a wonderful child, and that was proven to be true. Sensei visited her two months after she was born, and showed her some Card-Jitsu cards. She immediately became interested and started her training at age ten. She became a great, mighty Card-Jitsu master, loving "a little challenge." Her cousin Sensei wrote this for her one day:

Almighty cousin,

It is not easy to write

Haikus. Don't try it.


She is constantly challenging people to her favorite card game, studying the history of Card-Jitsu and ninjas, haikus, drawing on her laptop, or playing Penguin Kart with Sensei if he's not too busy.


  • Her weakness is potato chips with trans fat.
  • She is allergic to losing a game of Card-Jitsu.
  • She hates Mabel, the Fashion Police, and the Mean Girlz.

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