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Section-5 image
A penguin with Section-5. This penguin just started having it. You don't want to see them expanded . . . .
Vital statistics
Type Virus/Disease
Effects Infects the victim, growing vulnerable wings.
Source Potion including Immortal-juice (see ingredients)
Location In diagnosed penguins
Cost to buy ĎÁÚ: 120
Cost to sell ĎÁÚ: 90

Section-5 is a virus/disease that makes penguins grow prickly wings and effects their health. Many penguins grow these to fly, but depending on their health before they took the potion (or if they were born with it), they can't always fly. Some think it is a good thing, but can also be very hazardous & dangerous. It was created by Atrocious for unknown reasons.


The virus can sometimes become a disease, because some are born with it. Sometimes it is just family heritage, because past family members have/had the virus. Some also take the virus to grow wings to fly. Sometimes, they are not always that successful, depending on their health before they took the potion. Many penguins want to have wings and fly, but we can guarantee you, it's not pretty. Usually, penguins take the risk thinking that it will get and it won't effect them at all, but we like to give you the benefit of the doubt, so maybe, just maybe, if you drink the potion you will be able to fly and won't effect your health hazardously.


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