Club Penguin Fan Universe
Search Robot Version 2.8.5
Search Robot image
Please ignore the creepiness...
Vital statistics
Type Robot
Effects Patrols The Jezrux Quadrant, alerting the guards to intruders
Source Puffolian robot factories
Location The Jezrux Quadrant
Cost to buy 50,000 Ganzins, unless you're a puffolian guard
Cost to sell 40,000 Ganzins

Search Robots are puffolian-shaped robots that search for intruders in The Jezrux Quadrant, alerting nearby guards to said intruder who then proceed to kick the intruder out the Jezrux Quadrant with his/her memory erased.


Search Robots look similar to puffolians, apart from two things:

  • Their antenna tips are search lights.
  • Their "visor" is round.

Search Robots patrol all areas of The Jezrux Quadrant, if they spot an intruder they let off a siren that alerts nearby puffolian guards, the guards usually always capture the intruder, proceeding to suck out said intruder's dance energy. They then kick the intruder out of the Jezrux Quadrant with his/her memory temporarily erased.

These intelligent machines can also be used to detect radiation, allowing evacuation before anyone is harmed.


  • Search Robots seem to completely ignore dark blue adelie penguins.
  • They seem to be related to puffolians.

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