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Seal Consoles
Seal Consoles image
The Official Logo
Vital statistics
Type Game Console
Effects Makes the user happy, and enjoyed and relaxed.
Source pure plantium
Location Sealville
Cost to buy 2000 Coins
Cost to sell Various.

Seal Consoles is a discontinued game console manafactured by Console Inc. It commenced operations in 2005 and discontinued from 2006, onwards.


It used to be a planitum solid box, with the product on a blue circle, seeming what is like the PBOX 360 logo. However, the others two sides have red triangles, three green lines running through and a black box with a yellow border. On the top, there is a watermark of the logo of Console Inc, the manafactuer of this particular product, followed by a yellow upside-down "U" alphabet on the underside of the word.

On the startup screen, there is a yellow background seeming from a familiar application, with a16 bit screen. It is divided into three main layers: the top, the bottom left and the bottom right. The top had the logo of the product, whilst the bottom left contains four buttons, respectively holding the words "Start Playing", "Settings", "Help" and "Shut Down System" in Century Gothic font. The bottom-right contains the logo of the company, and far towards the small bottom is the copyright sentence.

The controller is a normal one, with three sections. The left section contains the thumb-puller and the arrow keys. The middle contains the "Start" and "Menu" buttons, like the ones in PBOX 360. There is also another of those arrow keys. The right section contains four buttons, "X" in red, "Y" in yellow, "Z" in green and "A" in blue, respectively in an anti-clockwise direction starting from the left. The back contains two push buttons, "L" and "R".


  • If you press A and G when in the third page of the "Help", a box appears saying an extra detail.
  • Only few Snowtendo Vii games are compatible with this game console.

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