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These are the Seals that live around Antarctica and Terra.

The most deadly Seal there ever is, it feeds on Penguins, and they also invented Ditto.

  • Harp Seal

Harp Seals are opposite to Leopard Seals, making friends with Penguins rather then eating them. It immigrated from the North.

  • Antarctic Fur Seal

These Seals live near the mainland and further North then the Subantarctic type.

  • Subantarctic Fur Seal

These Seals live in the Sub-Antarctic Islands, and the Southern areas, including UnitedTerra.

Ross Seal live around Antarctica, though mostly Ross Island and the Ross Sea, hence it's name.

  • Crabeater Seal

A immigrant stype of Seal, that arrived in Antarctica and Terra.

A Seal that is exclusive to Weddell.

A giant version of Seals, it immigrated from the North. They are nomads.

The largest Seal ever, they're not nomads, but colonists. They're found in the Sub-Antarctic Islands and Terra mostly.

Walruses arn't considered Seals, but nonetheless they are.


Bioligists have classified Seals into classes; native and migrant. Native Seals are the Seals that live near or in Antarctica. A example is the Weddell Seal. Migrant Seals are Seals who migrated to Antarctica or close. A example is the Northern Elephant Seal.