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Scruffly O'vian
Scruffly image
Vital statistics
Title The Goody Two-Shoes puffle
Gender Male
Race Yellowish brown puffles
Faction Goody Two-Shoes
Health Happy
Level None with the peace
Status Playing with Flywish
Location Flywish's Mansion
Occupation Happiness spreader
Interests Friendship
Friends Everyone
Enemies No one
Archetype Goody

Scruffly is a puffle who is a Goody Two-Shoes.


Scruffly was born one a bright sunny day. He quickly was very nice. He even was nice to von Injofaces. He later grew up and left and met Flywish. Flywish quickly adopted him and they became close friends. He often was out spreading joy but Flywish didn't mind. Chuck was kind of against him but didn't have any problems with him. Flywish loved him and played with him as often as Gruff and Chuck. Gruff often hung out with him. Scruffly later met Robert O'vian and they became close friends. He later met the army and quickly joined them. He always came back to play with Flywish. Flywish often enjoyed it until Mabel X and Winston would come in.


He loves chasing butterflies like Mabel X. He also goes to Corai's to play with Robert O'vian. If something mean is seen, he always cries. This is usually why Flywish makes sure that Chuck isn't doing anything mean in front of Scruffly but usually, Scruffly is somewhere like Freezeland while Chuck is beating someone up.


He often is seen giving kisses and other stuff. He also helps Winston find stuff that he can hug. usually, he goes up Chi Con and plays with his best pal Robert.


  • He is owned by Flywish.
  • Surray hates him.
  • Chuck never beats him with his baseball bat, despite his strong hate for Goodys.
  • He is the brother of Jenni von Injoface
    • This shows that he's an O'vian.
  • Xinston plays with him.
    • Scruffly even volunteered to be Xinston's soccer ball.

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