Club Penguin Fan Universe

The following is a humorous story about when Screwball86 defeated a mechanical bull at a country-themed restaurant.

Chapter 1: Arrival[]

I walked into the Bullsack Slap, one of my favorite restaurants in the entire USA.

A waitress guided me to an clean, open table. then I saw it.

The mechanical bull. It was shimmering. No one in Antarctica had ever heard of one before, that is until me and my cousin Willy brought one to the country.

Penguins made more of them, and soon enough there was about over 14,000 of them country-wide (Including United-Terra and outside islands)

Now, I had ridden a the bulls a few times before, but this one seemed to challenge me.

And just out of luck, the staff was holding a competition that day to hop on and ride the thing for as long as you could.

I signed up.

Chapter 2: Don't let your kids grow up to country-western singers[]

The competition was in five minutes. Now, you may think I was doing this just to impress a girl or somethin' but believe me, I don't need no girl dragging me down and makin' me settle some place. Soon, a bell started to ring. The staff told the participants that the competition would be starting right then.

"But first," said one of the staff members.

"A little song to brighten the mood!" said another staff member, whose name was embroidered on his shirt. His name was Fred.

Then they started singing a really dumb western song.

"Ohhhhhh, mama, please don't let your kiddie grow up to be western singers!"

The rest of the song went just like that.

Finally, the morons left.

Then a fat penguin saddled onto the bull.

The bull started to shake.

You could see the penguin's stomach shake, too.

Then it happened. The bull actually threw a three ton penguin off of it. I was actually impressed.

I'm a patient guy, so I waited my turn. And I waited, and I waited, and waited, and waited, and waited.....

Chapter 3: Roundhouse Kick-Flip[]