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The Scooplefarrogh map with buildings - The main places in the state: In black: the building zones; in white with light blue dots: freezed underground forests; In blue with light blue dots: the blue shamrock forests; the red telephone: The Telephone Building; In dark red: The Telephone Arena. (See the last picture for a map without buildings)
National Name Royal State of Scooplefarrogh
Leader Lady Happy22
Country Tel Ah Phon
Capital Dialzone
Biggest city Royal Zone
Location East of Tel Ah Phon
Inhabitants Penguins, shamrock forest's elfs (Only on Plasma), puffles.
Other Info
Level 95
Alliance All states of Tel Ah Phon, UnitedTerra.
Neighbours Muhnghtrahl, Wahlliahmgs, New Snoop.


When Queen PenguinHaHa discovered Tel Ah Phon made Scooplefarrogh (First named as "Smookmahzook") the capital because by that time it was full of amazing freezed forests and the climate was good. The name "Scooplefarrogh" was adopted by King and Queen Longline. In 1995 the city of Scoopcazook was divided and a new city called "Bubble" was created. In 2010 King Childpengu1 made Sir Alxeedoo1010 an official "Telahphonian prince" in the city "Royal Zone".


The currency is the same as on Tel Ah Phon. It is the EpsilonO'Mega and is represented by εΩ.


The main languages are English and French, many people speak in French in the state. Here there are not a lot of natives from the country, but sometimes the local language, Beepbeep, can be heard.


In Scooplefarrogh the main natural places are:

  • The Underground Freezed Forests of the Eastern, located at the edge of Scoopcazook.
  • The Forest of The Blue Shamrock Trees, located at rural edges of Karapazooka.

Plasma is the only place in Tel Ah Phon where there's no city. It is the biggest place where you can find Underground Freezed forests and forests of blue shamrock trees.

Also, in Karapazooka, a city in Scooplefarrogh, there's the Telephone Arena.


The state has a special Landmark: The Telephone Building. Its a 900 story building and it has stores, meeting places, recording studios, and lots of other things inside. In Scooplefarrogh there's also a huge Arena, called the Telephone Arena. It was made for Meaghan's upcoming tour: The Camouflage Tour. It can have 1,500,000 penguins inside it.

Flag and Motto[]


The flag of Scooplefarrogh.


The Coat of Arms.

The flag and motto were never added to Scooplefarrogh until 2010, when King Childpengu1 did it randomly. The brown color schemes in the flag and the coat of arms is because "it looked good" said King Childpengu1. The motto is: "Everything that happens here, stays here".


The government is a monarchy, and the leader of the state is Lady Happy22, Happy77's sister.


Penguins are main inhabitants. Puffles also live there and also there are elfs from the shamrock forests.


Scooplefarrogh is the most important state on Tel Ah Phon according to culture, because it is full of underground freezed forests and blue shamrock forests. It is also important because many artists come from here, like Meaghan or Tim and Tom.

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