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Satellite City International Airport
Vital statistics
Name Satellite City International Airport
Native name
AATA code {{{aata}}}
Type of airport International airport
Hub for UTA
Owned/Operated by Satellite Airport Authority
Serves Satellite City
Location Blue Harbor, Satellite City
Runway Runway 3/12 (11,000 ft.) (Asphalt)
Runway Runway 17/35 (10,000 ft.) (Concrete)

Satellite City International Airport is the main international airport, serving the city of Satellite City, UnitedTerra. The airport has two runways, Runway 3/21 (11,00 ft.) and Runway 17/35 (10,000 ft.) and has one main terminal, Terminal A. The airport is located 17 miles east of Satellite City's city center, in a small suburb of the city.The airport is currently served by 8 airlines, and offers more than fifteen destinations across the continent,



The airport is located 17 miles east of the city center. The airport has two runways,Runway 3/21 (11,000 ft.) and Runway 17/35 (8,000 ft.).The airport has one main terminal,called Terminal A, where all commercial flights operate from. The airport is served by eight airlines, six of them international, and two domestic airlines.The airport also has two parking buildings, which are located adjacent to the main terminal.The airport also has direct rail service from it's train station to the city center train station as well.The airport also has direct services to over 10 destinations across the continent.The airport is popular for it's spectacular Runway 17 approach, which attracts many aviation enthusiasts to the airport.