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Sarah O'vion
Vital statistics
Title Tar's wife.
Gender Female
Race Black Puffle
Faction Tars, Mabel, O'vians, ect.
Health Good
Level Mean
Status Alive and mean
Location Tars or a von Injoface

not to be confused with Sarah Penguin

Sarah was a young puffle born to two black puffles, a non-caring father and a love-to-death mother.


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At a early age she began talking and immediately heard of a family of cruel, sadistic, and apathetic puffles. She believed they were rather "cool" and wanted to be like them, Her father said "I don't care! Do whatever you want!" then kicked her out, this lead to her deciding to do so. Her mother misses her as well.



Her mother was one of those "cant let go of her baby" type of mothers, she loved Sarah to death which annoyed her. She was deeply hurt when she found out Sarah was mean to many people. She still hopes her "little baby" will come home even though she's already a adult.


Her father was a good-for-nothing mean puffle, cared nothing about Sarah, and just went out doing something useless. This helped her turn into a rotten, mean, puffle.


She is a member of a rather good band, she plays a (edited so a puffle can play) mini guitar. It is her job. She doesn't play it very good. She is also Tars O'vian's wife.


  • She tags along with puffles with the name "Mabel" because of how mean they are.
    • Most find it annoying, others find it nice since she always compliments them.
  • She thinks Icarius's freak show is cute.
  • She thinks O'vians, Mabels, and Emily are superior to others, including other von Injofaces.
  • She apparently wears makeup, and she buys it from the Fashion Police.
  • Sarah is usually bored and just trying to find something to do, when around Icarius or Tars something always happens that's exciting.
  • She overuses the word "cute".
  • She hates Ticino, since he wanted to marry her daughter.
  • She always addresses her daughter as "sweetie" and her son as "Bay Bee" 0_0. She calls Penelope her "Baby's Baby"
  • She tends to enjoy shots unlike her husband, so strangely whenever she even gets slightly sick she asks her daughter if she could come to her clinic to watch.
    • Tars tends to hide whenever that happens to avoid a "check up" with the nun daughter.


She doesn't have a big ego and isn't racist towards red puffles, but she IS IN FACT very mean. The ONLY people hes nice to regularly are Mabels, Icarius, Sister Alkamesh, Emily von Injoface, and Tars O'vian, or things she considers "cute".


"Not too bad... not too bad..."

"Awww... so cute!"

More then 1 liners[]

To a newborn red puffle

Sarah: Awwwwww!!!!!!! its so small and cute!

Tars: Dumb red puffle pushes it down*

Sarah: 0_0

Puffle: *crys*

Family quotes[]

Tars: You have a band?

Sarah: Not mine, only do it since we need to get money...

Tars: Smart idea.

Sarah: Thank you!

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